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Nicole Herzog-Verrey (CH)

The Swiss Alps, especially the Glacier Thaw, are the recurrent theme in Nicole Herzog-Verrey’s work. The fascination and at the same time the concern for the glaciers which are slowly but continuously thawing and thus disappearing, is the grounds of her artworks. The artist goes way beyond the photographic documentation of the process of melting. She creates her own visions which illustrate the different imaginary states of the “Bleeding Glaciers”.

Nicole Herzog-Verrey grew up in Switzerland and has lived for more than 30 years in Madrid. She studied photography at the Central London Polytechnic and Fine Arts at the Madrid Complutense University.

Her work has been shown in many solo shows and she regularly exhibits in group shows in Spain, Switzerland and France, United States and Latin America. In 2010 she participated at the Osaka Art Fair and in 2011 at the Shanghai Art Fair. In 2014 she exhibited her recent works in Basel, Zurich, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro.


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