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14.06 – 31.08.2013

Thursday 13.06.2013
17:00 – 20:00

Neues Zuhause is our summer 2013 exhibition in which we show a selection of paintings with almost invariably abstract, non figurative character. Focusing on the abstract may be surprising to some, since we previously showed rather figurative works in the gallery at the e-halle during the last five years. Last summer, we moved to our new premises at the St. Johanns-78 Vorstadt with a marvelous view on the Rhine. It is well possible that this move has also inspired us to focus the selection on abstraction.

New home is a selection of quality paintings and works on paper from the 20th and 21th century, the emphasis is – as mentioned above – on the abstract together with our understanding of quality. Neither the education of the artist nor the period out of which theworks are and also not the degree of reputation of the artist were the main seection criteria: each artwork stands on its own.

With works by Massimo Angèi, Arcangelo, James Brown, Günther Damisch, Günther Förg, Michael Goldberg, Mireille Gros, Luigi Lurati, Reiner Packeiser, Marcel Schaffner, Mette Stausland , Antoni Tapiès, Thomas Zindel.

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